Using Magento for E-commerce

Shopify gets a major share of attention in the E-commerce space, but there’s another E-commerce platform that many online store owners have loved for years! The platform is Magento.

Here are some stats…

Magento is used by 4% of eCommerce businesses across the Internet. It is even more popular for big E-commerce businesses — 7% of the top million eCommerce websites use it! There are thousands of extensions you can use to make the platform even better.

So is Magento for you?

Magento is a PHP-based CMS built for E-commerce. This is unlike WordPress which is a general purpose CMS to which you add WooCommerce plugin to convert it into a store.

Although it is PHP-based, Magento is very resource-intensive, and so is best deployed on VPS hosting where you would not face the severe constraints of shared hosting. This makes starting out with Magento affordable to start, and then grow with, for small business.

How long does it take to get started?

Well, unlike other software, Magento has a lot of complex configuration options for first-timers. To know what each option means you will need to test out the user experience after making each setting.

A typical Magento setup before launch with the help of a technical qualified person full-time should take about 10 days or more. It is therefore imperative that you have your E-commerce business plan, and your planned initial promotions decided before you start setting up Magento.

For more information on the Magento platform check out this link.

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