VPS Hosting vs. Shared Web Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are a part of a Dedicated server sharing the same hardware. In a dedicated servers, virtual partitions are made for which different type of virtualization software like OpenVZ are used. It depends on the requirement and usually webmasters decide which type of hosting they need.

First thing which gives VPS hosting the upper hand is the CPU share. Just in case of huge traffic on your website, you may not suffer the performance of your personal website. Being an independent system, and completely unknown to your neighboring VPSs, you don’t need to share services or applications. This serves just like your servers being in your own home and you have access to the root directory. This is an important factor as webmasters sometimes need to install third party components for which server access is required and you can easily do it without any limitations.

One more thing that we should think about virtual private servers is it’s reliability. If in case any problem occurs in shared web hosting server, every one who is sharing the server will suffer and surely webmasters pay the price for being offline and they also become dependent on that host for getting the issue resolved. Then again, in a VPS hosting you configure your own server, and have root access, so you succeed in overcoming such issues quickly and more easily. If reliability is importance for you, then paying little more will not be a problem for you.

Security is also one of the important thing for every webmaster and should be considered seriously. As if we compare both the services, you don’t need to share TCP/IP stacks, disk space or other resources when you are on VPS. This makes VPS web hosting a better option for all businesses who care more about their security.

Most webmasters who prefer VPS Hosting over dedicated servers or shared web hosting give Cost as a reason. According to them, they need control over severs which shared web hosting companies do not provide. Then again, they could not afford to buy complete server so better they decide to have a part of that server.

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