When to shift to VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting

If you are already aware of the difference between Shared and VPS hosting, then you would know that the shift to VPS hosting from Shared hosting happens when your website start facing operational restrictions.

Keep backing up your website regularly and prepare your checklist for shifting to a VPS.

If you are unaware of how to operate a VPS, you should take up a trial with a web hosting service (see recommended link below).

Low cost shared hosting providers severely limit you on CPU & Memory (RAM) usage while advertising unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Every website is different in its functionality, so there is no fixed number or limit anyone can prescribe for when you should perform the shift.

Keep an eye on the CPU & Memory usage in the web hosting control panel is it is being displayed.

When you notice that your website has started reaching 90% of the CPU or Memory limits, or started throwing HTTP 503 errors instead of loading in the web browser, or loads slower than normal, that is the time you need to move to VPS hosting.

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