Wooplr or Shopify which is better?

Shopify and Wooplr are TWO very different animals, and have different business models. Before you choose between the two, you need to understand what you stand to gain from each.


With Wooplr, you get a shop with Wooplr’s India-specific products. You setup a store from which you sell their products for them within India by sharing product links to your store via your social media profiles and earn a commission on sales. It is a type of dropshipping business that you run within your network. There are no charges to get started, and no need to understand web technology.

Wooplr helps you get experience for free with online marketing of products. However, you do not get to learn other important aspects of e-commerce such as finding your niche, sourcing right products, customer support, and stocking & dispatching products.


With Shopify you can sell globally with your own products, or dropship products from merchants with whom you have a relationship. Shopify takes care of the technology and payment gateways. For this you are charged a fixed monthly fee for their platform services and optional add-on subscriptions.

This fee and the fact that you need to work on finding your niche and sourcing products maybe too expensive for beginners in e-commerce. On the other hand if you’re serious about starting an e-commerce business you can focus on the business instead of managing the technologies involved in hosting your website.


If you want experience in understanding online marketing before starting your own e-commerce store, then setting up a Wooplr store and then moving onto the Shopify platform may be a good path to take.

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