Perfect Shopping Cart software for your E-commerce website

One of the most critical aspects of your website venture into online shopping or e-commerce is undoubtedly the shopping cart software. It is first extremely important to understand that what exactly is a shopping cart and what functions can be expected out of it?

It only acts as a front desk and passes on the information to the payment gateway through a secure channel. The payment segment takes up from here channelizing your request and transfers to various appropriate financial networks. It then sends back a message of acceptance or denial to the shopping cart software.

In the technology market today, there are thousands of shopping cart packages available with almost all of them promising similar features and services. Most of the companies claim to offer superior software making it an uphill task for the user to choose the one that suits them best in a particular budget. Listed below are a few points that should be kept in mind before purchasing a shopping cart for your web site.

At the very beginning it is important for you to know the exact features that you are looking for your e-commerce site. Too many buzzers and bells offered by the many high end packages may not be required by you at the beginning. If this be the case then the package should not cost you more than US$ 250 or 300.

Stay clear of companies that promise free packages because nothing in this world comes for free. Do not forget to read the fine prints in such a case. Do not restrict yourself too much either as you may want limited features now but your online business will only grow with time and you may need certain extra bare minimum features.

PayPal is among the most popular global e-commerce solution that offers shopping cart along with the payment gateway and other finance notices. Funds can be easily paid through cheques or direct deposits. It is easily among the widely accepted channel for the online entrepreneurs just entering the web world. Easy to operate, PayPal does not have any set up charges or monthly charges. PayPal also offers to the web developer s tools that are easy for implementation purposes.

If you find PayPal payment integration is tough, you can try payMyPage (pMP) for simplifying integration of PayPal’s Express Checkout functionality. With pMP you get payment links that you can use to collect payments from anywhere.

Keep track of your budget at all times. It is easy to get carried away and bust the allotted finances. Do not buy software with too many features and one that is extremely complicated to implement and manage on a day to day basis. You may simply have to hire a person especially for this profile.

Your cart software has to compatible with the payment gateway. Most packages simply plug into each other seamlessly, however, you need to keep track when purchasing the software of your choice.

Card payments are the norm in the web world today. Many individuals are scared to give out their details online even today. Remember to include some offline method such as money order, or e-cheque facility.

Certain features that you must look out for and integrate in your shopping cart software that will result in increased sales profit are given below. Impulse buying is one of the major sectors that all marketers focus on. Just as in the real world, impulse buying online is also quite common. Some shopping carts may suggest a complimentary item at discounted rate along with the item already selected by you. This offer may sometimes be irresistible.

If you are looking at aggressive marketing of your site, you may like to keep in touch with all your visitors through newsletters and other means of correspondence. Consider shopping cart software that integrates an autoresponder and maintains a contact list as well.

You can review a few, read articles or consult friends and colleagues before choosing one that suits your needs best in a limited budget. You ought to be an educated customer before you approach any of the companies for the software. Compare the features, services and the rates for the best possible deal.

You should also check out Shopify’s Lite plan. It has simplified the shopping cart integration with payment gateways, and also lets you get sales anywhere including easliy adding a shopping cart to your website.

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