Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce on WordPress

If you are interested in this topic then you already know that WooCommerce is by far the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

While WooCommerce provides the shopping cart functionality, and this in itself is good enough for you to start accepting orders on your website. You can then choose to accept payments offline. To accept payments online, WooCommerce requires you to install a payment gateway extension.

Steps to determine the best payment gateway

  1. Perform an online search for “[country name] payment gateway” to get a list of payment processors operating in your country.OR,Check out the payment gateways offering WooCommerce extension listed for your country.
    Note: Using this method will give you payment gateways that support WooCommerce but may not give you the best payment gateway.
  2. Check out each payment gateway’s website and contact their sales team to figure out if they have your desired features including features of their WooCommerce extension / plugin. Then shortlist the payment gateways you want to work with.
  3. Perform an online search for “[payment gateway] scam” and “[payment gateway] reviews” to see if there can be any issues with each shortlisted payment gateway.
  4. Compile a final list of the best 2 or 3 payment gateways from your shortlist and then signup with them to get access to your account credentials.
  5. Add their extensions to WooCommerce and test the functionality with your account credentials to know the user experience.
  6. Select the payment gateway(s) you like and remove the extensions for the ones you do not want to use.

Almost all payment gateways provide an official extension for their payment applications. But there are some that haven’t yet done so, and you may still want to work with them due to some great features. In such cases you can hire a programmer to develop a custom WooCommerce extension for you.

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