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Do you want to start up an internet business? The first step is to choose your DOMAIN NAME and then register it. Registering generic domain names represent a generic or common non-brand idea, product or service. These are the dictionary words like cars or cell phones.

Many people feel names like these offer the widest possibility for use and for a chance that some related business might want to buy them. Once you have designed your website, you will need a cheap web-hosting service to store your pages on a computer server which is permanently connected to the internet, making your site accessible to anyone surfing the web.

In general, you can expect a better, faster, more reliable service with more features available if you pay, either for hosting alone, or as part of your ISP package. Whatever option you choose, read the terms and conditions to see what you can and can’t do.

Nowadays, there are many web-hosting providers in the market. One of thing you could do here is to ask some pre-sales questions using their website contact. Wait and see their response period. The industry standard calls for a 24 hours response time. If they don’t respond within 24 hrs, you may likely do not have a good services in future if you subscribe to their host.

If you intend to expand your internet business, you may like to explore different application platforms such as forum, shopping carts, autoresponder, etc.

Check out siteHostel, a reliable service with advanced features. There is a 30-day trial period without entering card details. You can use this time to compare prices, test the services, and try the support team’s responses.

No skills needed, no HTML, no scripts… The online Site Studio website builder provides a user friendly interface. Pre-configured website templates speed the web page building process. It’s FREE in your Enterprise, Corporate and Business plans.


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