How to choose a VPS hosting provider

Choosing a good VPS hosting provider may not be a big deal for experienced webmasters. However, not everyone out there has substantial knowledge on how to choose a good VPS or cloud hosting provider. More than often, new webmasters get confused over various hosting packages such as shared hosting, cloud servers, dedicated hosting etc. Whether one opts for cloud server, VPS or any other solution, one is expected to do his/her homework properly.

Today, a VPS hosting package is considered to be a fantastic hosting solution for medium and large scale websites. In fact, small website owners can also consider VPS hosting, if they believe that they will be able to drive good amount of traffic to their websites in the near future. While choosing a good web hosting provider, one should look beyond low cost packages. There are many criteria that one should consider while choosing a VPS provider to ensure that one ends up with the right deal.

First and foremost, you will have to figure out how long the web host provider has been in business. Your best bet would be to deal with a company that has been in business since several years so that you can count on the services and guarantee offered by the web host provider. Moreover, you can rest assured that you won’t be over-billed or cheated in any other form. Therefore, it pays to deal with a reputable company that has been in the web hosting business since a long time.

You will also need to find out if the web hosting service makes use of refurbished desktop hardware that offers reliable drivers or components. In addition to this, you will need to check with the provider whether their hardware and operating system is tuned for optimal performance or not. Also, you will have to inquire if the software and hardware addition or upgrade would be a part of the package deal or not.

An ideal web hosting service provider makes use of certified programs and applications for great security and performance. All the available applications to be installed on the VPS should be certified to run on your VPS. Besides this, the provider should offer assurance that the allocated VPS has a good share of server resources such as memory, bandwidth, CPU etc. Also, inquire what kind of network connectivity will you receive from the web hosting company?

Lastly, be sure to inquire about the customer support facility. Check if the users are offered free support or not. Good support is crucial to ensure that you are able to fix vulnerable issues at the earliest by contacting the web host provider whenever the need arises. So, these are some of the basic criteria to be considered while choosing a VPS provider.

Ideally, go for a VPS hosting service that offers a minimum 30-day trial period at zero to minimal pricing. Use this time to check ease of use, customer support quality and response speed, and monitor server up-time (how often and for how long do they take down your VPS for maintenance, if at all).

Those who choose to ignore these criteria may repent over their decision in the days to come because performing proper homework is a must to shortlist a good web hosting service provider.

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