A Hosting Plan For Every Need

Everybody knows that web hosting is essential when you want to get your business on the web. What is not apparent, however, is that there are different web hosting plans for different types of websites. For instance, when you are considering building a personal website, then you may as well go for a free web hosting service or a cheap web hosting service that is as low as $4/month.

You might think that there is no such thing as a free web hosting service, but it is not like the free services don’t get anything in return. They gain money through advertising, the reason why there would be ads and banners on their clients websites. These can be quite disturbing when you are operating a business website, but if your site is basically created just for fun, then the ads shouldn’t cause a stir.

With cheap web hosting services, clients get to divide the cost of the service among themselves. Companies that offer these services are able to provide you with disk space and bandwidth that are appropriate to your needs, but customer support that runs 24×7 is not to be expected.

For small enterpreneurs, the kind of web hosting service that would be suitable is shared hosting. What this means in particular is that there is just one web server hosting several websites at the same time. Clients get to save money from such a plan because the cost of running the service gets to be divided among them. In addition, shared hosting is secure, flexible and has higher bandwidth and disk storage. One can expect high speed and connectivity features, along with multiple email accounts and 24×7 customer support. Another big plus is the fact that using the service will not get you ads on your site.

For medium-sized business, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) should be the best option. With Virtual Private Hosting you can get many more benefits like more CPU, bandwidth, more disk storage, along with 24×7 customer support.

If you are operating an E-commerce site or a large online business, on the other hand, you would certainly require higher security and more optimized features. In which case, your best option would be a Dedicated Server by a reliable web hosting service.

The dedicated server ensures bandwidth without limits and complete disk space and to maintain multiple email accounts, while providing you with maximum security and flexibility, high speed and connectivity, and a reliable customer support.

A dedicated server is all at your disposal, it’ll not be shared with other clients, and you can host as many website as you like there. You can also get a dedicated IP address for each website you want to host on your dedicated server.

There are, of course, many more benefits when choosing a dedicated server and you can find all the features offered by the hosting companies simply visiting their websites.


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